Over time, concrete driveways, parking lots, parking garages, walkways, and entryways become extremely dirty from dirt, tire rubber, mildew, oil, grease and other materials. Cars, trucks, and people cause the concrete to become sticky, gunky, slippery and dark from all the debris that is left on the concrete surface. Scrub Cleaning Service specializes in safe and effective concrete and driveway cleaning services. Our professional grade high-pressure concrete surface cleaners generate hot water to wash all these contaminants. We use specialized equipment designed to agitate and deeply clean concrete. This special machine reaches down through the porous concrete to draw out material that causes concrete to become stained and dirty. 
A dirty driveway, parking lot or parking garage not only looks bad and can create an unsafe environment.Scrub Cleaning Service provides affordable and effective driveway, parking lot cleaning and parking garage cleaning and washing services throughout the Wilmington, NC area. Our specially designed products and equipment are safe and do not damage concrete, metal, tile, and other hard surfaces. Our specialized equipment is powerful enough to clean and remove oil, graffiti, grime, gum, food, and other contaminants that line the grounds of parking lots, parking ramps and parking garages.
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