About Us

Scrub Power Washing & Cleaning started out as a simple idea that my grandparents had to provide affordable, honorable, and dependable cleaning services to the community, and to make some extra income while he was in retirement. Back then, it was called C&S Cleaners, and it did exactly what my grandparents hoped it would do.  After several years of cleaning, my grandparents made a decision to relocate to Florida and they retired C&S Cleaners. 

I saw an opportunity to take their simple idea and run with it. My goal was to create a cleaning service that is affordable, as well as honorable, and dependable.  I believe there are so many people who can appreciate those qualities in a cleaning company. When my grandparents owned and operated The quality service of C&S Cleaners, they could only offer part-time services. Now, I am able to give my clients the same quality service full-time, through Scrub Power Washing & Cleaning.